Summer Olympics: 3 Outreach Ideas

Use the largest sporting event on the planet as an opportunity to reach you community and connect new people to your church.

Children’s Outreach Combines Fun With Learning

New Covenant UMC in Oklahoma connects with Spanish-speaking community through weekly summer children's outreach.

5 Last-Minute Tips for VBS

How to make the days leading up to VBS more manageable, and possibly even more enjoyable.

Try This: VBS Prep Day

The weekend before VBS starts, invite your church to come and help get the campus ready for the week ahead.

Try This: Serve First-Responders on Labor Day

Express your community’s appreciation to those whose work means so much.

Try This: 6 Ways to Beat the Summer Slump

6 easy ways to engage your church and community.

Try This: 4 Ideas for Summer Youth Ministry

Teens may have aged out of VBS, but keep them involved in church over summer break.

Try This: Hold an Outdoor, Dog-Friendly Service

Let members who work all week, then feel guilty about leaving Fido at home alone all day Sunday, get a little extra time with their pooch at church.

Try This: Cool Down Commuters on Hot Days

Offer cold water or soda on a busy street corner to passersby in the heat of the day.

Try This: Offer Free Car Washes

Give free car washes in your church parking lot.