9 Ways to Care for the Creation

Show your congregation and community that your church is involved in the issues they care about. Distribute this list to church attendees for personal use and to church staff for internal use.

1. Replace all light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs; they use 80% less electricity and can last 10 years.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Look for basic and creative ways to recycle and organize a system for recycling.

3. Adjust thermostats and ceiling fans as needed; energy should be used to warm or cool people, not empty rooms.

4. Buy energy-efficient products. When it’s time to replace equipment or appliances, think energy and money savings.

5. Insulate your home or the church building. You can even insulate your water heaters, which will save you 4–9% in water-heating costs.

6. Don’t leave the water running even when shaving or brushing your teeth. Using only the water that’s needed can help conserve for others who need clean water.

7. Track your utilities. Your utility company probably offers a program designed to help customers monitor and save on energy usage.

8. Encourage other churches to conserve energy and water.

9. Look for creative ways to link conservation with love of God and neighbor. For a Christian, these acts are about moral obedience and love, not cultural conformity.


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