Engaging in International Ministry With the Community: The Community Church in New Jersey

How The Community Church in Harrington Park, N.J., engages the community with hands-on international service

Uniting With Other Local Churches for Outreach: Cross Pointe Community Church in Georgia

How Cross Pointe Community Church in Aragon, Ga., demonstrates Jesus' love to its community in a no-pressure way

Planning a Neighborhood Missions Trip: Cornerstone Church of God in Pennsylvania

How Cornerstone Church of God in Meadville, Pa., serves its neighbors on a local mission trip

Serving Neighbors as Needs Arise: Community Church at Ocean Pines in Maryland

How Community Church at Ocean Pines in Berlin, Md., lives up to its name and serves its community.

Try This: Buy a Stranger’s Morning Newspaper

Purchase a rack's worth of papers at a convenience store.

Try This: Give a Sick Child the Chance to Give to Others

Ask your local children's hospital if your church can run a "mobile store" where hospitalized children can "shop" for gifts for family.

Try This: Support Teachers by Donating Classroom Supplies or Cash

Teachers often spend their own dollars on supplies for their classrooms, but your church can make sure they don't have to

Try This: Serve College Students Free Pizza on Move-In Day

Quell move-in day jitters by bringing pizza to college freshmen in their residence halls.

Selling Bottled Water to Fund Water Wells: Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

Use Americans’ fascination with bottled water to provide clean water overseas.

Starting a Medical Clinic: Church of the Highlands in Alabama

Show Christ’s love through low- or no-cost health care services.