Red Rocks Church: No. 4 Fastest-Growing Church, 2017

“This may be the most exciting and energized season we have experienced at Red Rocks Church,” says Staff Pastor Scott Bruegman. “The best word that comes to mind to describe what’s happening is adolescence. Red Rocks is 12 years old and entering our teenage years, and with that comes, energy, excitement, momentum and mobilization. It has been a true pleasure to see the church mature and grow spiritually without loosing a passion to reach out to those who have yet to discover Jesus.

“I know the rule, ‘parents cannot give their children both roots and wings, Yet, it seems like that is precisely what God is doing here at Red Rocks Church. We are getting more and more rooted in our city, culture and faith—but at the same time, doing whatever it takes to see that the message of the gospel is carried all over the world. Simply put, the more rooted we seem to become, the more doors open for us in other communities, contexts and even countries. We now have campuses in prisons, in Europe and more cities on the way.”

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Littleton, Colorado
Senior Pastor: Shawn Johnson
Twitter: @ShawnJohnsonRRC,@RedRocksChurch
Facebook: /RedRocksChurch
Founded: 2005
Affiliation: Nondenominational
Locations: 5
Attendance: 12,005
Growth in 2016: +2,381 (25%)
Fastest Growing: 4
Largest: 26