Soulfires: Why Bram Came Back

A harrowing near-death experience equips one Navy SEAL for a life of valor.

Evangelical Leaders Call for Compassionate Response to Refugee Crisis

At GC2 Summit, leaders draft statement of declaration with call to action for evangelicals in caring for refugees.

Do Guns Belong in the Church?

"Defending the faithful with firepower raises some complicated questions. Do guns and God make a good mixture?"

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

John Piper: Why carrying concealed weapons works against the counter-cultural, self-sacrificing, soul-saving cause of Christ.

WWHDD: What Would His Disciples Do?

Dan Kimball: “A disciple of Jesus should be just as passionate as his first disciples.”

Reclaiming What It Means to Be “Good News” People

"What do we need to do to get the good news back into the gospel people?"

9-Year-Old Collects Gifts for 5,000 Kids, Refugees

Jordyn McNeal teams up with Operation Christmas Child to give joy to kids around the world.

Evangelism, Naturally

"For Kevin Harney, outreach without evangelism is 'giving a cup of cold water, but not giving it in Jesus' name.'"

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Aids South Carolina Flood Victims

Volunteers from 15 states rally together for restoration efforts after Hurricane Joaquin.

Evangelism: When Life Happens

Hugh Halter: "If we don’t know somebody’s story we’re not going to know how to embed the gospel in a way that will make sense."