The Scripture That Is Most Overlooked by Pastors

"Many a servant of the Lord has been treated less kindly by Christians than any business in town would treat an employee."

5 Signs That It’s Time for a Staff Member to Resign

"If your overall church culture creates a safe environment for the staff, transitions can be a normal and healthy part of staff life."

3 Ways to Respond When People Leave Your Church

"Reflect Jesus to people when they come to your church; reflect Jesus when people leave your church."

4 Ways to Break the Attendance Barrier

Ed Stetzer: "There are four shifts that must take place to ensure continued growth past the traditional attendance barriers."

Avoiding the Perfectionism Trap

Pete Scazzero: "Part of what makes us human is our imperfections and mistakes. Only God is perfect."

6 Ways to Lead During Times of Chaos

Phil Cooke: "When everything breaks loose, what’s the best approach for righting the ship?"

Perry Noble, Alcohol Abuse and the Church’s Response

Ed Stetzer: "Let’s pray and weep because alcohol continues to be a mocker, and let’s not feel the need to join in that mocking."

4 Ways to Respond When a Pastor Falls

"I’ve been a broken pastor before. I am here because of men and women who wouldn’t abandon me in my brokenness."

5 Reasons to Go Bivocational

"I’m not claiming it’s wrong to minister full-time; merely that it’s not always right."

4 Elements Your Sunday Services Need

"Hone in on these four elements over the next several months and watch your worship experiences go from good to great."