korean christians

The Korean Church’s Heart for Japan

Onnuri Community Church in Seoul conducts outreach events in Japan that bridge deep cultural divides and heal wounds with the truth of the gospel.

Beyond Equality: Restoring Dignity to Abused Women

The language of equality has certain limitations that the doctrine of the Imago Dei can address.

Don’t Overthink Cross-Cultural Evangelism

Why you don’t have to be an expert to share the gospel cross-culturally.

Why You Are Already a Sending Church

Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples to the ends of the earth starts in your community.
reevangelize europe

The Extraordinary Opportunity to Reevangelize Europe

Will European churches wake up to what God is doing across the continent? The future of Europe depends on it.

Fear and the Great Commission

There's a better motivation for mission than fear.
succession plan

Succession: Ready or Not?

Succession planning is a mixed bag across the globe.
short-term trips

How to Rethink Your Short-Term Trips

There is often problematic baggage that comes with traditional short-term mission trips. Here are ways to make sure your trips are having the intended effect.
international church

The Church That Will Be

Faith-Driven, Outward Focus Yields Fruit in Spain

Thinking Globally as a Church

Start where global needs and your community intersect.
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