Evangelism, Naturally

"For Kevin Harney, outreach without evangelism is 'giving a cup of cold water, but not giving it in Jesus' name.'"

The Problem With Gimmicks

Phil Cooke: "Gimmicks may get attention, but truly original ideas change the world."

Evangelism: When Life Happens

Hugh Halter: "If we don’t know somebody’s story we’re not going to know how to embed the gospel in a way that will make sense."

Farmers Get It—Do You? 3 Evangelism Secrets

"It’s a basic law of farming … pure seed = strong harvest."

Why ‘The Final Apologetic’ Still Matters

If love is our most-convincing proof, does our combative spirit actually argue people away from the truth?

It’s Not Evangelism Until We Speak

Words and actions are like two wings of an airplane, and you won’t catch flight in witness with just one or the other.

The Outer Limits of Our Minds: 9 Ways to Engage Intellectually With Questions About...

God is not afraid of questions. He likes them. God has given us our minds and we need to use them for his glory.

The Outer Limits of the Inner Sanctum: 5 Ways to Make a Gospel Impact...

How you live your faith at home will have a greater influence on the next generation than you can dream or imagine.

The Outer Limits of Pain, Loss and Suffering: 6 Ways to Comfort People With...

Too many Christians are quick to give a flippant and often dishonest answer to the question, “How are you doing?”

Hollering Into Culture: Are We Smothering the Good News in Unnecessary Noise?

"Is this the church, hollering into culture—earnest, but shrill—connected to a Truth but disconnected from an audience?"