Vanishing Evangelism: The Sobering Case of Church Plants and Evangelism

“Two-thirds of church plants have mostly connected with people who were already a part of a church.”

BLESS: A 5-Step Path to Relational Evangelism

"For the formerly unchurched, relationships played a part in 57 percent of the decisions to return to the church."

‘Why Me?’ An Atheist and Drug Addict Finds God

“I was not seeking God. I was not calling out to him or even thinking about God. For God to do that for me is crazy."

7 Things Google Teaches Us About American Evangelism

Thom Rainer: "Disobedience to the Great Commission is not the best approach to lead a church to health and growth."

5 Reasons We Struggle to Be a ‘Friend of Sinners’

"Out of all of the names of God in the Bible, there is only one that is actually attainable by you and me—'friend of sinners.'"

How to Preach For Seekers Without Dumbing Down the Message

Ed Stetzer: "Preaching should be both theologically deep—and wide."

What Comes Before the Gospel?

"If the gospel is the hope of the world, and if the message is blocked until there is good will, where do we go from here?"

The Parable of the Church Planter

"The church planted with good dirt hears God’s calling with a noble heart, keeps the mission in focus and bears much fruit."

Helping Your Non-Christian Friends Hear God’s Voice

James Choung: "One word from God is worth a thousand sermons."

Why the Gospel Needs Generous Creativity

“Your church or ministry has the ability and the God-given creative gifts to shape culture, rather than merely reacting to it.”