The 4 Key Words of Outreach Strategy: It Starts With Me

I wasn't sure which strategy to focus on to encourage evangelism in my congregation, until I realized it starts with me.

Why Is Evangelism So Hard?

How to Overcome the 3 Main Obstacles to Sharing the Good News

How Christians Should Respond in the Age of Skepticism

Here are ways to be be a faithful witness in an age when fewer and fewer people are identifying as Christians.

Stepping Into the Small Opportunities in Others’ Lives

If we keep our eyes up, God can use us in the mundane moments of life to change someone's eternity.

The Lies We Spread About Grace

If we tell people we are broken sinners just like they are, we are only telling half the story.

Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism

The unbelievers who show up at church are there because someone invited them outside the walls of the church.

How NOT to Avoid Conversations About Religion

WikiHow posted an article on how to avoid conversations about religion, but what if we flipped it?

Encountering God’s Mission in God’s Word

"If we read the Bible with a missional hermeneutic, we will see all of life through the same lens of mission."

Why We Need to Think Like Missionaries

This is not our home. Our culture is a mission field, and we must see ourselves as people on mission.

How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Evangelism?

We overcome our fear of evangelism, not by trying harder, but by cultivating a deeper love for Christ.