Why It’s Good News That God Doesn’t Need You

What you do for God is, of course, important, but much more important is what he is doing within you.

Want to Be Fruitful? Look to Your Roots

Worldly success can be misleading, and the type of success you end up with is defined by the level of your rootedness in God.

3 Ways to Develop Self-Control

Self-control is essential for every leader. Without it you won't make it very far. Here are ways to cultivate it.

How Reaching the ‘Least’ in Your Community Also Benefits Your Church

Churches that get involved in reaching "the least of these" get energized by joining the work that Christ is doing.

Why Do Most People Miss the Gospel?

Hiddenness is one of the fundamental characteristics of the gospel, because God reveals himself only to those who seek him.

How Do You Measure Success?

The world measures success by things like money, fame and prestige, but the story of Paul models a different way of thinking about it.

William Borden: A Life Without Regret

William Borden died before he could become a missionary, but God used his story to inspire a generation of missionaries.

How to Know When God Is Speaking

God's voice is sometimes hard to discern, but these three filters help me to know when what I'm hearing is from God.

Why Forgetting Is NOT the Key to Forgiveness

We're told to forgive and forget, but reframing our negative experiences in light of the gospel is where true healing lies.

4 People You Need in Your Life

People come and go in our lives, but these four people are absolutely essential for every Christian to have in their corner.