4 Characteristics of an Emotionally Unhealthy Leader

"These leaders, and the ministries they serve, will eventually pay a heavy price for such chronically unhealthy behaviors."

4 Steps to a Meaningful Sabbath

"Sabbath is a 24-hour block of time in which we stop work, enjoy rest, practice delight and contemplate God."

8 Insights About Marriage and Ministry

Ed Stetzer: "Allow me to share a few things that Donna and I have seen after almost 30 years of a ministry marriage."

10 Signs You Don’t Handle Change Well

"To bear long-term fruit for Christ, we need to recognize that some things must die so something new can grow."

Christlike Discipline: No More Mr. Nice Guy

"In some cases the only authentic expression of true love is that of tough love. Anything else isn’t really love at all."

The Mingling of Souls and the Meaning of Love

Matt Chandler: "We’re people who say, 'No, I won’t bail. I’ve given myself for better or for worse to this person.'"

My No. 1 Mistake as a Leader

"Growing in love was not my number one aim. I focused on bigger, better and faster— like most of the leaders around me."

5 Marriage Landmines to Avoid When Change Comes

William Vanderbloemen: "Avoid these five landmines, and your pastoral transition is guaranteed to go as smoothly as possible."

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

John Piper: Why carrying concealed weapons works against the counter-cultural, self-sacrificing, soul-saving cause of Christ.

Incarnation: The Biology of Christmas

The virgin birth contradicts the laws of science. But our faith rests on the miracle of the incarnation.