Fearmongering: The Cheapest Kind of Preaching

"Paul thought teachings of the Lord’s return and the believers’ victory over and escape from this world should comfort us."

Special Report: The Bible and the Church

“If indeed the Scriptures are ‘God-breathed,’ when you take away the breath, you’re left with what humans can produce.”

Making Disciples: The Math of the Kingdom

"We need to see discipleship as holistic, as this will affect their ability to be healthy disciples who make healthy disciples."

The No. 1 Obstacle of the American Church

"Nothing has built a taller, deeper and thicker wall in the hearts of people and in the churches of our land."

The UnFormation Age: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Christian Mysticism

“A mystic is one whose theology is not only known, preached or believed—it is experienced.”

9 Life Habits of People Who Are Wise

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‘Move in Her Direction’: A Simple but Powerful Lesson on Biblical Reconciliation

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10 Keys to a Spiritual Breakthrough

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3 Ways We Hate Sin in Others More Than in Ourselves

"We can easily hate the sins of others more than we hate our own. We need God’s grace to overcome this."

7 Ways to Make Your Sermons More Listenable

"The brain tires easily. If a speaker does not give breaks for the listener’s brain to rest, it will take its own breaks."