Chris Hodges: Responding to Spiritual Hunger—Part 1

"The challenge of leadership is to engage our culture so people are drawn to God through spiritual hunger."

Chris Hodges: Truth Packaged in Humility—Part 2

"Grace comes first, then truth. Connect before you correct."

Brian Houston: Living God’s Calling—Part 1

"Believers and church leaders shouldn't just be living saved. They should be living called."

Brian Houston: Equipping the Next Generation—Part 2

"What inspires me the most is setting up a new generation to win. ... The legacies we leave for people are what remain."

Jo Saxton: Leading by Listening—Part 1

The Church’s Role in Healing Broken Identities and Overcoming Injustice

Jo Saxton: Leading Beyond Brokenness—Part 2

"Salt Doesn't Have Any Impact Until It's Interacting With Something. What Flavor Can the Church Bring Out?"

Max Lucado: Beyond Anxious–Part 1

“That’s the role of a pastor—to reiterate that there is a good God on the supreme throne overseeing every detail in the world.”

Max Lucado: Beyond Anxious–Part 2

“While I’d love to fix people, I can’t. If I think I can, I’m setting myself up for anxiety.”

Erwin Raphael McManus: With Your Last Breath

"If you truly live before you die, your life will have a power that not even death can conquer."

Ed Stetzer: Reflections on the Megachurch

For all churches, large or small, my exhortation is to think biblically about how the church might make much of Jesus.