Outreach Magazine Celebrates Small Church America

Each issue of Outreach magazine features stories from small churches, highlighting their ideas, innovations and ministry impact. Once a year, in the July/August issue, that is our singular focus. You won’t want to miss “Kingdom Math,” which urges a redefinition of “success” as broader and deeper than what can be measured by numerical markers alone. Five inspiring stories of church change, one life at a time.

In the pages of the July/August Outreach you will also hear “Voices From the Front Line” as a dozen pastors from smaller congregations recount “What I’ve Learned.”

In “The Big Challenge of Small” and “Prepared to Think Small” Outreach explores the support networks and seminary preparation for Small Church America. Is enough being done for this majority of churches?

In “An Urgent Call” church planting leader Shawn Lovejoy pleads for more support and accountabilitypostlaunch.

Additional perspective from Ed Stetzer, Dan Kimball, Brad Powell, Mark DeYmaz, Bobby Gruenewald and Shaun King, plus “10 Small-Budget, Big-Impact Ideas,” and much more.

JulyAug 2011 Outreach

An issue of inspiration, ideas and advocacy for Small Church America. Available now.


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