The Essential Jonathan Edwards

Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney: An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of America’s Greatest Theologian

Jonathan Edwards on the Beauty and Excellency of God

Jonathan Edwards believed that our theology, like the Bible, begins and ends with the beauty and excellency of God.

ReClaimed Church

Bill Henard: How Churches Grow, Decline, and Experience Revitalization

When to Go Through a Targeted Revitalization

At some point, all churches will be in need of some type of revitalization. Here's how to know when it's time.

The Forgotten Church

Glenn Daman: Why Rural Ministry Matters for Every Church in America

What You Need to Know to Pastor a Rural Church

Pastors of rural churches must be aware of the cultural values and concerns of the community. Here are things to consider.

Small Church Essentials

Karl Vaters: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of Under 250

The Church Is Small—So What?

Instead of asking, “Our church is small, so what?” we needed to ask, “Our church is small, now what?”

How God Preaches to Us—and Through Us

When a preacher speaks, God is the one who is speaking. Therefore the preacher has the dual privilege of preaching and listening.

Why Listening Is Essential to Preaching

Preaching Jesus Christ is primarily a theological practice, so preachers must first sit under the Word in order to preach it.