Try This: 6 Ways to Connect With Parents During VBS

Your halls will be swarming with children during Vacation Bible School and you’ll have lots of opportunities to connect with and teach them about Jesus throughout the week. But if you want them to come back for more—worship, Sunday school, regular children’s ministry events, etc., chances are you need to connect with their parents, too. Are you maximizing all the opportunities your VBS affords to meet and get to know parents? Here are a few ways:


Throw a party to get VBS started. It can be Saturday afternoon, Sunday after services or even the night of your first day. Do it on campus or at a nearby park. But invite parents to come and hear more about what their children will be doing and learning. Encourage parents to visit the VBS Facebook page throughout the week for updates and pictures.

Parent Facebook Page

Set up a Facebook page specifically for parents. Enlist someone to keep the page updated with the day’s pictures, theme, Bible verse, activities, snack, etc. Encourage parents to visit the page and share with friends, neighbors, grandparents and other family members. Suggest a quick activity or prayer that parents can do with their children that particular day and then moms and dads can share stories on the page, too.

Closing Ceremony

At the end of VBS, invite parents to stay for a short slideshow (pictures of fun activities throughout the week), a concert (kids singing songs they learned) or a skit (performed by the kids). Make sure your staff is there meeting and greeting parents, inviting them back for worship and upcoming events.

Photo Booth

At the closing gathering, rent a photo booth. Take pictures of kids with their parents, then, mail (or email) the photo and a short note to parents, thanking them for coming and providing information on your children’s ministry and upcoming events.

Sermon Series

On the weekend following VBS, begin a sermon series building off the VBS theme or focused on family life. Be sure to promote the series throughout the VBS events, on Facebook, your website, etc.

Parting Gift

On the last day, send children home with a devotional that parents can do with their children in the weeks and months following VBS.

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