How to Host a Movie Event

Select a movie. Consider who you want to reach. Families? Young adults? Seniors?

Obtain licensing. Contact Christian Video Licensing International or another provider to purchase a license. (Note: A CVLI license does not permit you to promote your movie event using the movie title, characters or the producers in any internal or external advertisement/publicity.)

Promote your event. Print posters, send emails, show the movie trailer in church.

Plan parking. If you’re expecting a large crowd, make sure spaces are clearly marked and parking attendants watch for guests.

Check equipment. Before the event, test the DVD and equipment to avoid any last-minute issues.

Recruit volunteers. Station greeters at entrances and inside to offer directions and answer questions.

Welcome everyone. Let people know you’re glad they’re here, where they can find more information about your church (have materials on hand) and basic information (bathroom locations, movie length, etc.). Lastly, take a cue from movie theaters and ask everyone to turn off their cell phones and refrain from texting.

Go to to learn more about movie licensing packages that allow you to promote the movie.

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