Essential Tips for Welcoming Visitors

First impressions are incredibly important, so it's a good idea to train your welcome staff on the following points of etiquette.

5 Ways Churches Can Support Foster Care

There are many things churches can do to support foster families. These ideas will help you build a vision for foster care.

Moving Beyond Compassion Fatigue

We're bombarded daily by appeals from people in need. It's important that we take steps to stave off compassion fatigue.

May 3: A Call to National Prayer

The 2018 National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 3rd.

One Burning Question for Ministry Among the Poor

After 20 years of living among the poor, I've learned an important question to ask myself about every endeavor: Is this replicable?

Doing Grunt Work for the Kingdom

In the Second World War the majority of soldiers were in essential support roles. The kingdom of God needs people willing to do the same.

What Happens When You Make God’s ‘Big Thing’ Your ‘Big Thing’

In the course of our daily lives it's easy to get our priorities out of order. We need to be sure that our priorities are in line with God's.

Love God, Care for the Poor—Recovering the Lost Connection

Caring for the poor was a mark of faith in the first two centuries of Christianity. We need to recover our urgency to care for the needs of the poor.

Should You Move to a ‘Better Suburb’?

Jesus left the most exclusive gated community in the universe in order to come down and make his home in our midst.

Every Life Is Sacred

"Every life is sacred, therefore, any time we have the ability to preserve, defend or celebrate life, we heartily step into those opportunities."