Why Won’t You Forgive?

Kevin Harney: "If we refuse to forgive, we compromise our witness to the amazing grace of Jesus."

Course Correction: 5 Danger Signs

"If I’m not careful, I can create a well-worn path to all the wrong places by allowing myself to love all the wrong things."

Sacred Mission: Beyond Trends

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How Integrity Drives Your Leadership

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The Greatest Tragedy in the Church Today

Thom Rainer: "When evangelism dies as a priority in the church, the church has already begun to die."

When ‘Theology’ Gets in the Way

“I have found myself overwhelmed with sadness because we have time to disagree, but we don’t have time to evangelize.”

7 Ways Satan Tries to Destroy the Church

"The gates of hell shall never overcome what God started, but Satan certainly loves to disrupt what God’s church is doing."

Resourcing the Small Church Experience

Perspective, Encouragement and Insight from Small Church America