The Church’s Identity Crisis: Why Authenticity Matters

Phil Cooke: "Stop trying to be a bad version of something else, and be an incredible version of who you are."

Incarnational Ministry: A Kingdom of Harlots

Hugh Halter: "I wonder if we spend too much time condemning people who don’t live as 'clean' as we think they should."

3 Ways to Keep Your Church Focused on Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "Keeping a church focused on evangelism is similar to running a marathon."

Is Your Church a Safe Place for People With Same-Sex Attraction?

"Step one is to realize that you already have church members who experience same-sex attraction."

3 Strategies for Reaching the Dechurched

Ed Stetzer: "Some of the hardest people to reach are those who were once reached but are now unreached."

When It Comes to Changing the Culture, The Church Needs a New Strategy

Phil Cooke: "If all we do is complain, the culture will tune us out. At some point we have to reach out and start a conversation."

3 Critical Components of Leading Others Toward Spiritual Renewal

"Radical acceptance and compelling challenge—both are needed for people to find their way back to God."

Greg Laurie: Right Place, Right Time

"I feel very strongly that if a person says they want to commit their lives to Christ, it should be acted on immediately."

4 Responses to Cultural Change

Ed Stetzer: "The message of the gospel is necessarily countercultural and offensive to the human heart."

5 Keys to Effective Workplace Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "Far too many Christians simply don’t know how to be a good gospel witness in the workplace."