Build 5 ‘Fences’ to Protect Yourself From Sexual Sin

I am still stunned by respected Christian leaders resigning over sexual misconduct. Can't we just build the fences we need?

3 Ways to Influence Others for God

The name of the game is showing up and being present in the lives of others.

Following Jesus When I Don’t Feel Like It—Part 2

Sometimes you have to start obeying before the feelings come.

Following Jesus When I Don’t Feel Like It—Part 1

It's dangerous to let your feelings dictate your faith.

Jesus Is Praying for Us—Here’s What That Means

Jesus was always praying. If Jesus, being God, felt the necessity to pray, then how much more should we pray?

David Fitch: Recognizing Christ’s Presence—Part 1

What is love? It’s not a sentiment. In the Bible, it’s “he loved us by giving himself up for us."

David Fitch: The Mystery of God’s Presence Through Us—Part 2

"Wherever God’s presence is, we come into relationship one to another in a space where God wants to do something new."

Let God Speak, Just Listen

"When it comes to prayer, the most important part isn’t speaking. It’s listening!"

J.D. Greear: Is Your God Too Small?—Part 1

"It was as if I had my own little solar system and God was the missing planet."

J.D. Greear: Rediscovering Awestruck Wonder—Part 2

"Everything we need for a clear vision of our big God has been given to us in the Bible."