5 Ways to Get People Talking About Your Church

“When local churches work together, get along and actually like each other, people start talking.”

3 Reasons Small Churches Should Give to Missions

"In the same way God blesses people who give faithfully, God blesses churches that do the same."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 4: Supporting Planters

"We currently don’t have the kind of financial-support model that our new cultural reality needs."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 3: Preparing Our People for Witness

"If we are to succeed in this new, more secular space, we need to do more than simply acknowledge this shift."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 2: From Nominal to Secular

"Our approach needs to change for there to be significant traction in planting movements within a largely secular society."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 1: The Launch

"Church planters tend to think that their individual and local church planting model is the norm globally. But that’s not the case."

How a Vision for Multiplication Changes You and Your Church

“A clear vision gives us a filter through which we can run every idea, opportunity and decision.”

4 Obstacles to Church Multiplication

“If we really are intent on bringing the world to Jesus, whatever model we choose must be infinitely reproducible.”

3 Church Planting Trends That Need to Die

"We must aim to plant churches for the glory of God and the good of the community, not to meet our own needs."

Why Throwing Great Parties Is Essential to Evangelism

“When asked about the one true key to bringing people far from God near, I simply say, ‘Start throwing great parties.’”