Seeing Jesus in East Harlem

José Humphreys: What Happens When Churches Show Up and Stay Put

The Value of Staying Put

There is great value in a church staying put and playing a pivotal role in its community over the long term.

Understanding the Relationship Between Giving and Volunteering

There are some fascinating relationships between people's perceptions of volunteering and financial giving.

No Opportunity Wasted

Joseph Walker III: The Art of Execution

The 4 R’s of Refueling

We need to make time for self care. Here are four ways that I've been able to do that.

Eliminating Bible Poverty

The Seed Company has launched Imagine Zero, a new initiative to accelerate the translation of Scripture.

New Research on Politics in the Pews

More than half of Protestant churchgoers under 50 say they prefer to go to church with people who share their political views.

Getting Rid of the Trappings of Cultural Christianity

It's time to bury the cultural practices and idols that have subtly become part of the American church's DNA.

Jesus Revolution

Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn: How God Transformed an Unlikely Generation and How He Can Do It Again Today

Shame Off You

Denise Pass: From Hiding to Healing