Tim Harlow: ‘Humble Yourself Right Away’

“I’m realizing that the harder I push and the more I lead, the more their lives are changed. If I wimp out, they will, too.”

Steve Poe: ‘Trust God and Take Risks’

"Once we have prayed and know the mind of Christ, we need to stop talking about what we want to do and just go do it.”

Dan Betzer: ‘It Is Essential That People Know the Scriptures’

“I let the congregation know constantly that they are loved. They get ‘beaten up’ in the world; they don’t need it from the pulpit.”

Alan Fadling: Becoming an Unhurried Leader

“I wouldn’t say an unhurried leader gets more stuff done, just better stuff done.”

Claude Alexander: One-Degree Shifts

“My sabbatical allowed me to see that the church belongs to God, not me.”

Craig C. Hill: Servant of All

“The quest for status is not a fuel for a lifetime of ministry.”

Brian Zahnd: Water to Wine

“Salvation is best understood as a kind of belonging. I can’t work out my salvation alone.”

Ian Morgan Cron: The Road Back to You

“Studies show that the No. 1 predictor of success is self-awareness.”

Rob Ketterling: Front-Row Leadership

“God made me aware that simply pointing out problems is a cheap gift.”

Clay Scroggins: Leading When You Lack Authority

“I thought if I’d just had more authority to be able to call the shots, then I could have been a better leader. And that’s a lie.”