Jaime Loya: Building Bridges

“I was determined to give myself to this call until I succeeded. I had no desire for a Plan B.”

Jaime Loya: Preparing for Revival

"We might not all share the same background, color or language, but we are all sinners in need of a Savior.”

Gene Appel: The Freedom of Focus

“I felt an overwhelming pull—if I'd entrust my life to God, he'd use me to help people get ready for their last day on this planet.”

Gene Appel: Leading Through Change

“When you simplify and clarify your focus, you can bring the entire power of the church to bear on each thing you do.”

Louie Giglio: Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

"Leading yourself requires humility, and humility comes from being with Jesus."

Alan Briggs: Unleashing Your Creative Genius

“Evangelism happens most naturally when we’re doing what comes most naturally to us.“

Alan Briggs: Redefining Creativity for the Sake of the World

"Our culture is waiting and watching for a group of people who are living for a mission bigger than themselves."

Nikki Toyama-Szeto: Bring Your Full Self

“God could have chosen anyone in the world to lead your community, and he chose you. Why is that?”

Nikki Toyama-Szeto: Authenticity Creates Credibility

“Really great leadership is anchored. Deeply. Sometimes the fruit of that is manifest after the leader is gone.”

J.D. Greear: ‘You Never Get Above Serving’

“The way to find unity is to have something that unifies us that is deeper and more significant than anything that divides us.”