The King Jesus Gospel

Scot McKnight: The Original Good News Revisited

Hell Is Real (But I Hate to Admit It)

Brian Jones teaches the urgency that will free readers to share the Gospel with others.

The Gospel Commission

Michael Horton: Recovering God’s Strategy for Making Disciples

Evangelism Is …

Dave Earley and David Wheeler: How to Share Jesus With Passion and Confidence

Evangelism: How to Share the Gospel Faithfully

John MacArthur presents a theological and historical foundation and the current state of evangelism in America.

Evangelism: A Biblical Response to Today's Questions

J.D. Payne offers insight on sharing faith in different contexts.


Tim Sinclair: Sharing Jesus With a Consumer Culture

GodQuest (DVD and Guidebook)

Sean McDowell and Jennifer Dion: Discover the God Your Heart Is Searching For

False Witness

Randy Singer: Fictional legal thriller to help the poor in India

On the Verge excerpt—part 3

Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson: Excerpt: Chapter 1, “On the Verge of the Future”