What It Means to Be Salt and Light

Jesus said we are to be salt and light to the world, but where do we start?

High Impact Teams

Lance Witt: Where Healthy Meets High Performance

Lessons Learned on a Bad Team

I always thought a team was something you were on, but I've since learned that team is a verb—something you do.

Does the Bible Restrict the Callings of Women?

Whether or not women are ordained in a particular denomination, God always provides the means for them to fulfill their calling.

Now That I’m Called

Kristen Padilla: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry

The Benefits of Developing Staff From Within

There are already leaders within the membership of your church. Developing them yields these benefits ...

Empowering Leadership

Michael Fletcher: How a Leadership Development Culture Builds Better Leaders Faster

Good Preaching Requires Good Thinking

To preach well, we must be committed to expend the mental effort to understand the Scriptures and exposit them for our hearers.

Expository Exultation

John Piper: Christian Preaching as Worship

The Books That Have Influenced Me Most

How many books you read is not the important thing. How deeply you read them will determine the lasting effect they will have on you.