Think Delivery: Are You Meeting People Where They Are?

People aren't accessing information in the same way anymore. Are you meeting them where they are?

The Role of Prayer in Evangelism

"Prayer is both a form of, and a tool to support evangelism."

David Fitch: Recognizing Christ’s Presence—Part 1

What is love? It’s not a sentiment. In the Bible, it’s “he loved us by giving himself up for us."

David Fitch: The Mystery of God’s Presence Through Us—Part 2

"Wherever God’s presence is, we come into relationship one to another in a space where God wants to do something new."

Interview: Jane the Uber Evangelist

Jane the Uber driver shares her faith and the love of Jesus with her passengers. Here's her story.

Chris Hodges: Responding to Spiritual Hunger—Part 1

"The challenge of leadership is to engage our culture so people are drawn to God through spiritual hunger."

Chris Hodges: Truth Packaged in Humility—Part 2

"Grace comes first, then truth. Connect before you correct."

3 Perfect Opportunities to Share Your Faith

Stay alert to these three contexts that are ideal for evangelism.

How to Leverage Existing Ministries for Outreach

“You could launch new outreach ministries without removing any existing ministries, increasing your budget or adding staff.”

Who’s the Evangelism Champion in Your Church?

“It takes a team—a multistrand cord of leadership—to effectively direct the local church in evangelism.”