Serving the Inner-City in Atlanta

Courageous Church has earned a reputation for serving people who are struggling--in the inner-city and beyond.

Witnesses in Lewisville, N.C.

Lewisville Baptist Church embraced a passion for outreach.

Turning a School Around in Knoxville, Tenn.

Grace Community Church develops a relationship with Inskip Elementary School that helps impoverished students succeed.

Transforming Lives in Peekskill, N.Y.

First Baptist Church emphasizes evangelism and reaches out to the community's thriving immigrant population.

Aiding the Unemployed in Cincinnati

Ebenezer Second Baptist Church leads a learning center that provides training for job readiness, computer literacy and more.

Sharing the Gospel With Tourists in Las Vegas

Expectation Church Network, a group of "simple churches," interacts with thousands of tourists each week.

Lending a Hand in Malden, Mo.

Stokelan Drive Christian Church is known for helping meet any need.

Restoration in Long Beach, California

In a culture obsessed with statistics, the small church reintroduces the most important number of all: 1. Here's how one church is working it out.