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Journey Church
Kenosha, WI
Senior PastorKevin S. Taylor
AffiliationAssemblies of God
Growth by #384
Growth By %14%
Fastest Growing#60

At Journey Church, we’re passionate about making it easy to find and experience God. Now, we’re fully aware that it won’t be easy for everyone—there are things that hold people down, things that get in the way of them and God, decades-long hindrances that won’t be easy to shake. We’re fully aware that there is a "narrow” road that few will find—and a “broad” road that many will take. We’re fully aware that we are called to “take up our cross DAILY and follow Christ”. But we’re also aware that Christ said you would have to “become like a little child in order to enter the kingdom.” We’re aware that Jesus himself said that his yoke was “easy” and his burden was “light.” And so, our prayer and direction and hope is that everyone who calls Journey Church home would live in such a way that people would notice the way we live and by observing us they would find it easier to find God and experience him, by our example.

Atmosphere of Grace: Journey Church

By Gail Allyn Short

No. 60 Fastest-Growing: Journey Church in Wisconsin Credits Its People for Moving the Vision Forward

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