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Chase Oaks Church
Plano, TX
Senior PastorJeff L. Jones
Growth by #667
Growth By %12%
Fastest Growing#51

At Chase Oaks, we create environments where people can come to God as they are, be transformed, and make a difference through local and global partnerships. We believe the only way we come to God is “as we are.” We are not fooling him. He knows the real us, and he loves us completely, warts and all. Chase Oaks strives to be a place of honesty where we’re all in the same boat and on a journey that is far from perfect. You don’t have to get your act together or dress up or clean up your life before you come. Just come, as you are. God invites us to come to him as we are. However, it’s also his desire that we allow his love and grace to transform us over time to be more like Jesus. That means there’s hope for all of us. We can learn to love others like Jesus did, have courageous compassion like Jesus did, and experience what Jesus called “life that is truly life.” All Jesus-followers are on this journey of transformation together.