McLean Bible Church

    Vienna, VA
    Senior Pastor David Platt
    Twitter @McLeanBible
    Founded 1961
    Affiliation Baptist - Southern Baptist
    Locations 7
    Attendance 10,510
    LISTS (Since 2015)
    Largest 2018 (33)2017 (32)2016 (34)2015 (29)

    Our church family consists of multiple campuses around the Washington, D.C., metro area. We′re building a “spiritual beltway” around the city with these communities. Each campus shares our core values, a passion for God′s Word and an emphasis on a personal relationship with Christ. We hope people find McLean Bible to be a safe place to explore faith and experience God in transforming ways.

    The Bible is our standard of faith and practice, and we are of no specific Christian denomination. The preaching and teaching of the Bible guides and unifies us as believers in Jesus Christ. We′re dedicated to reaching diverse communities and presenting Christ′s message so that every person in Washington, D.C., has a chance to understand it, believe it and experience the restoring power of the gospel.

    What If We Just Did What God Has Asked Us to Do?

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    The trip to the Himalayan mountains that changed the trajectory of David Platt's life.

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    David Platt: Reproducing Church, Transcendent Community—Part 1

    By Paul J. Pastor

    "Unless we’re going to disobey Jesus, we must prioritize making disciples and multiplying churches."

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    David Platt: Living a Life That Counts—Part 2

    By Paul J. Pastor

    “Our heritage as a church is running toward need, not away from it.”

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    The Luis Palau Association is hosting a free online pastor’s gathering on October 29.

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    On the Other Side of Isolation

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