Manna Church

    Fayetteville, NC
    Senior Pastor Michael Fletcher
    Founded 1972
    Affiliation Nondenominational
    Locations 12
    Attendance 6,720
    LISTS (Since 2015)
    Fastest Growing 2018 (9)2017 (38)
    Largest 2018 (76)2017 (92)

    At Manna Church, our mission is to glorify God by equipping his people to change their world and by planting churches with the same world-changing vision.

    We accomplish this by helping God’s people discover their individual gifts and callings, creating an environment where these gifts and callings may be developed, and deploying the people to be salt and light in their world. Our small groups are designed to help accomplish this goal.

    We also believe in helping God’s people build strong families and by creating a community where individuals may find fulfillment and expression regardless of age or marital status. We are passionate about planting churches with the same vision, both domestically and abroad.

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