Lutheran Church of Hope

    West Des Moines, IA
    Senior Pastor Mike Housholder
    Twitter @MikeHousholder
    Founded 1994
    Affiliation Lutheran - Evangelical
    Locations 6
    Attendance 12,597
    LISTS (Since 2015)
    Fastest Growing 2018 (96)
    Largest 2018 (25)2017 (24)2016 (32)2015 (35)

    Our mission is to reach out to the world around us and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. We strive to bring people into an ever-growing relationship with him. This growth best happens in small groups. As we grow in faith, we turn our hearts to God, giving of ourselves and our resources—freely and cheerfully.

    God has blessed us with a clear vision for the future. Plans include the development of new ministries/congregations around the world and in the area, biblical literacy, getting connected to one another, prayer and outreach.

    Sharing God’s Love: Lutheran Church of Hope

    By Diane Stark

    Lutheran Church of Hope Connects People to Its Identity and Mission.

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