Lake Pointe Church

    Rockwall, TX
    Senior Pastor Steve Stroope
    Twitter @SteveStroope
    Founded 1979
    Affiliation Baptist - Southern Baptist
    Locations 9
    Attendance 11,735
    LISTS (Since 2015)
    Fastest Growing 2016 (53)
    Largest 2018 (28)2017 (28)2016 (28)2015 (32)

    We believe that a fully developing follower of Christ: Worships both corporately in a large gathering and privately alone with God, and …

    Understands the Bible as the authority for all areas of life.

    Discovers and develops their gifts and abilities to serve the body through the contribution of time, financial support, and relational influence.

    Reaches out first to lost and unchurched friends by praying, giving a verbal witness and inviting them to church events and becoming personally involved in world missions.

    Is involved in, and does life with, a small group of fellow believers.

    Though life is not always perfect and without pain, the Bible promises that Jesus loves us, has good plans for us and brings healing to us, even in the hardest of circumstances. Each week, we hear wonderful stories of Jesus′ work in changing lives. These stories are testaments to the truth that Jesus is the hero of this world and of our lives.

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