First Baptist Church of Glenarden

    Landover, MD
    Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.
    Founded 1917
    Affiliation Baptist
    Locations 3
    Attendance 10,548
    LISTS (Since 2015)
    Largest 2018 (31)


    S.E.E. H.I.M.

    First Baptist Church of Glenarden has made a commitment to always put God first. That basic premise guides us in everything that we do, which is always striving to SEE HIM, at all times.

    Seek God First

    We commit to seek God first for direction in every decision, whether great or small.
    —Matthew 6:33


    Because it is God’s desire that no one should perish; we are equipped to share the love of Christ wherever and whenever with anyone out of gratitude for God sparing us from eternal damnation.
    —Matthew 28:19


    We strive to give God our very best! Diligence, responsibility and faithfulness are essential ingredients to succeed in anything God has tasked us to do, as demonstrated by Daniel.
    —Daniel 5:14, 6:3


    Esteeming others higher than ourselves, regardless of their title, position or status, is our priority because everyone was created in the image of God.
    —Romans 12:10


    Honesty is demonstrated by doing what we commit to do.
    —Job 31:6


    God has given everyone a purpose, and we commit to impart in others lessons learned to help them fulfill their destiny.
    —2 Timothy 2:2

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