Blueprint Church

    Atlanta, GA
    Senior Pastor
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    As a church, God entrusts us with the gospel, which is the power of God for salvation (Rom. 1:16–17), and his people. With that in mind, we take seriously our responsibility to faithfully and consistently instill the gospel in everyone who is a part of Blueprint Church. everything we do as a church, we do under the premise that the gospel truly changes people at their core and these changed people are then used by God to bring healing to a dying world.


    At Blueprint, we aren’t program-oriented; we are people-oriented. Our goal is not to establish a lot of new community programs, church events, and other initiatives. Although those things are good, our goal as a church is to unleash healthy people. We believe that as the gospel transforms people, God places them in broken and dark situations where they become his hands and feet to restore what has been fractured.


    We’ve built our discipleship strategy to develop healthy people who are growing in the gospel, in the context of family, while living on mission. These three areas allow us to cultivate a healthy relationship with God, his church and our neighbors.

    We aim to create a culture of people who are:

    Gospel-Centered Believers: The gospel reshapes our identity. We think, speak, and live as people who have been made new.

    Responsible Siblings: We are family. And as family, we actively take responsibility for one another.

    Indigenous Disciple-Makers: We intentionally seek to make disciples where we live, work and play.

    Generous Stewards: We faithfully manage our time, talent and treasures as resources for God’s purposes.

    Our vision is to plant directly nine churches in the next 10–15 years as anchor churches in Metro Atlanta and to plant five churches outside of the Atlanta in other strategic urban cities throughout North America.