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Berean Baptist Church
Burnsville, MN
Senior PastorWes Feltner
Growth by #669
Growth By %34%
Fastest Growing#10

Lives transformed by the gospel: That’s how I would summarize what we’ve experienced, says Lead Pastor Wes Feltner. Our people have been awakened afresh to the beauty of Jesus and the real-life significance of what Jesus has done for us. Because of this renewal, we have a culture at our church where it is OK to not be OK. People come with real struggles, ready for real hope that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus.We didn’t sit down in a room and put together a strategic plan for growth. Growth happened, and we are being strategic in our planning to steward that growth. We boldly preach the gospel and call people into congregational worship (gather), emphasize a holistic approach to family ministry and biblical literacy (grow), and call people to live sacrificially (give)—in order to make an impact in the lives of others locally and globally (go).

Berean Baptist Church: No. 10 Fastest-Growing Church, 2017

By Outreach Magazine

“A gospel renewal—lives transformed by the gospel: That’s how I would summarize what we’ve experienced."

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A Church in Renewal: Berean Baptist Church

By Jeff Chaves

No. 10 Fastest-Growing: Minnesota’s Berean Baptist Church Sees Unexpected Growth

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