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Crossroads Church
Cincinnati, OH
Senior PastorBrian Tome
Growth by #5,928
Growth By %26%
Fastest Growing#1

Crossroads is for anyone seeking God--from those exploring whether or not God even exists, to committed Christ-followers. We present biblical truths and show how they apply to our everyday lives.

The 11 friends who started Crossroads wanted a great environment to meet with friends and explore questions about God without having to pretend they had it all together or wade through a bunch of religious lingo. They wanted to offer their friends an alternative that wouldn't make assumptions about what they believed about God or knew about the Bible.

The 11 turned into thousands of people seeking truth and authentic community. The goal was never size; the goal always was, and continues to be, based upon the ideas of authentic community, honest conversation and exploring the question: Where is God taking us next?

We expect God to continue to lead us through hard decisions that challenge the status quo. We'll do these things because we believe that God uses them to bring all of us into a thriving life of freedom. And we're all about that.

4 Ways to Tell If You Are a Man or a Boy

By Brian Tome

The things that separate boys from men aren't related to age, but values.

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The Five Marks of a Man

By Brian Tome

Brian Tome: Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood

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Brian Tome: 'Spiritual Leadership Is All About Followership'

By Meredee Berg

“We are the ones who can bring healing and change because we are the ones who should be receiving healing and change.”

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Crossroads Cincinnati: The Fastest-Growing Church in America, 2017

By Outreach Magazine

“We're excited that God’s Word is still true: The harvest is great," says Senior Pastor Brian Tome.

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Brian Tome: Something New in Cincinnati

By Rob Wilkins

“God planted a seed in my life—a real desire to strip away everything that is nonessential to helping someone understand Jesus.”

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