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Shepherd Church
Porter Ranch, CA
Senior PastorDudley Rutherford
Growth by #2,243
Growth By %27%
Fastest Growing#3

We are a place of renewal, and a Christ-believing church where all are welcome. Our services have contemporary music and a message that is Bible-based and relevant to daily life.

Our mission focuses on lifting up Christ that the world might believe. We are united to magnify God by reaching the multitudes one by one, developing Christ-like maturity, empowering meaningful ministry and encouraging a life of missions throughout the world.

We follow three principles in sharing the gospel. Finding people who are hurting and directing them to help. Finding people who feel hopeless and giving them the gift of hope. Finding men and women, teens and children who have never heard of Jesus Christ and introducing them to the Savior and Lord, so they may then find people and do the same.

Shepherd Church: No. 3 Fastest-Growing Church, 2017

By Outreach Magazine

“Not a day goes by that I don’t meet somebody whose life has been changed by God’s amazing grace."

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Hope for All: Shepherd Church

By Nadra Kareem Nittle

No. 3 Fastest-Growing: Shepherd Church in California Teaches That Peace Comes From Knowing Jesus

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Northern Lights Above LA: California Church's New Design Shines as a City on a Hill

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“We’ve succeeded in creating a warm and welcoming environment that honors God in all the details.”

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Experience Speaks: Dudley Rutherford

By Meredee Berg

Dudley Rutherford: "I don’t buy in for a second that a pastor of a large church deserves some type of special status."

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"I Was Encouraged When ..."

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10 pastors of Outreach 100 churches share some of their most encouraging moments.

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