July/Aug 09: The NEW Small Church


In the swirl of daunting challenges—suburban and urban migration, megachurch momentum, dwindling resources, branded competition, shifting institutional loyalties, leadership deficits, economic hardship, and ingrown congregations—the resiliency of the small church in America has shone through. In fact, across America, smaller congregations are becoming models of innovation, effective community and global vision.


In This Issue:


The NEW Small Church

Many of America’s small congregations have become models of innovation and ministry effectiveness—with a sense of vision that’s transforming their communities and touching the world.


8 Churches That Show Just How Big Small Can Be


The Bivocational Pastor: Economic Necessity? Or Strategic Possibility?


Christ and Creativity for At-Risk Kids


Pro Surfer Bryan Jennings: Walking on Water


Easting Financial Hardships at Christmas: Plan That Outreach Now


Francis Chan on Planting Churches with Boldness and Prayer


The Outreach Interview: Andy Stanley fields questions from small-church pastors


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